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About Lipotype ZOOM

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  • Author: Mathias Gerl (ZOOM@lipotype.com)
  • Date: Tue 22 Dec 2020
  • Version: 1.17
  • Notice: "LipotypeZoom", as well as the source and object code of "LipotypeZoom" and the information contained therein are property of Lipotype. Use of Lipotype Zoom is subject to a respective agreement with Lipotype and, unless agreed otherwise in writing, no commercialization, reproduction, re-engineering, publication or other use of "LipotypeZoom" is allowed. "Lipotype Zoom” is based on R and the following R packages: Biobase (2.44.0), BiocGenerics (0.30.0), d3heatmap (, DiagrammeR (, dplyr (1.0.0), DT (0.13), ggplot2 (3.3.0), ggvis (, gplots (3.0.3), jsonlite (1.7.0), lazyeval (0.2.2), lipotypeFunctions (, pcaMethods (1.76.0), plyr (1.8.6), purrr (0.3.4), rbokeh (0.5.1), RColorBrewer (1.1-2), readr (1.3.1), shiny (, shinyBS (0.61), shinydashboard (0.7.1), shinyjs (1.1), shinythemes (1.1.2), tidyr (1.1.0), visNetwork (2.0.9).

Cohort Selection

  Selected Cohorts

  Excluded Cohorts

  Rename & reassign Cohorts

Select Replicates from Original Names:
→ assign a "New Name"
→ press the Rename button.

Original Names:

To revert: Select Replicates from New Names:
→ press the Back button

New Names:

Data structure of selected Cohorts and Replicates

Lipid Classes Selection

  Selected Classes

  Excluded Classes

After removal of lipid classes, samples will be standardized again to 100 mol% within each sample.

Data Filtering

A filter would remove all lipids. This filter is omitted.


Filtered Data

Volcano Plot

Coverage reduction by filtering

Summary Data of filtered lipids

Summary Data of excluded lipids

Principal component analysis

To few lipids selected. A PCA is not possible.

Input Options

Axis Assignment


Variation represented by Principal Components



Options & Legend

Loadings Options

Score Data

Loadings Data


To few lipids selected. A Heatmap is not possible.


Graphical Options

Download displayed data

Data Heatmap

X-axis font size is adjusted automatically. However, you can adjust it manually by using values different from 1.

Plotting details


Download displayed data

.pdf .csv .RData
Show/hide advanced options

The status of this App

The displayed code is a unique reprentation of the selections made within the app. It is calcultated from the values you see in the table below and added to the file names of your downloads, when possible.

  Introductory Video


Advanced Graph Options

Choose the subset to be plotted by adding or removing:
Standardize on visible or keep standardization: